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10. Festival Salsa Cubana!!

Salsa, Bachata, Kizomba, and more from 27 January 2017 until 29 January 2017 in Munich!!

The Cuban Salsa Festival with Workshops and Parties

It`s that time of year again…At the end of January 2017, we cordially invite you to enjoy an amazing 3 days full of dance and music with us! Inspired by “Baila en Cuba”, the annual dance and music event in Havana, Cuba, we brought this fine festival to life in Munich. Let us make something special for you and import some of the magical atmosphere of its great Cuban counterpart to you.

With the 

10th "El Festival Salsa Cubana"

we will continue CIRCULO`s legendary winter festival series. Salsa cubana is more than a dance - it´s a celebration of life!

Who does not associate typical Cuban music, Cuban ambience and Son cubano (the most traditional of all Cuban dances) with these words? Festival Salsa Cubana stands for this diversity. Dancer, music lover or Cuba aficionado –everybody will love it!

With this festival we wish to help you expand your  Salsa expertise, to present the various dances that have mainly influenced and shaped the Salsa cubana, to teach these dances and to enable you to incorporate the characteristic steps and movements in your Salsa cubana. Various workshops on body movement, step technique and musicality round out the program!



This year again with the Percussion Ensemble Live: Drums Secret