Portrait Drums Secret Percussion Ensemble

We proudly present our live band The Drums Secret Percussion Ensemble: Arturo Martinez Cabrera, Marcos Antonio Betancourt Ramírez, Yansser Cardoso, and Juan Bauste Granada are well-known singers and remarkable percussionists! The artists will be accompanying all teachers and dance lessons. We are excited to ensure a magical atmosphere!

Arturo Martinez Cabrera
Maestro Arturo Martinez Cabrera is a percussionist and singer, Latin Grammy award winner and internationally experienced lecturer. Coming from Havana, he is gifted with great musicality. Praised for his authentic style, Arturo was a member of the famous rumba band Clave y Guaguanco. These days he plays with Cubanisimo, one of the best Timba bands from Germany.

Marcos Antonio Betancourt Ramírez
The gifted percussionist was born in Santiago de Cuba. Marcos began his career at the tender age of 8, his first instrument being the cello. At age 18, he began studying percussion at the school Lauro Fuentes in Santiago de Cuba. He joined different bands such as Sara Anda, Tierra Caliente, Ocan Oni, or Ballet Folklórico Cutumba. He has been living in Holland since 2000. As an outstanding expert, he participated in numerous musical projects, such as “Mayito Rivera” and “Haila María Monpié”.

Yansser Cardoso
Yansser is a talented percussionist being one of the finest young players of the conga drum. Born in Cuba, he studied classical music and percussion at the local music school in Camagüey. In 1999, Yansser toured Germany for the first time. Meanwhile, the young musician has traveled the globe to become a star in the European Latino scene. In 2002, he founded his own band Ashe de Cuba. Yansser and his band shared the stage with many renowned artists, such as Azúcar Negra from Cuba or Aventura. The Cuban now works as a professor of percussion instruments and ensemble practice. He also teaches Afro-Cuban folklore. Yansser joins the bands of Lou Bega, Labana, Tony Martinez and the Cuban Power, Seis del Son, and Algo Diferente.

Juan Bauste Granada
Coming from Santiago de Cuba, he is the musical director of Conjunto Folklórico del Oriente, the oldest folklore ballet of Cuba. Numerous performances, tours, and workshops both at home and abroad embellish his career. He was also deeply involved in productions and concerts with Anga Diaz, Los Papines, and Mercedita Valdés. His extraordinary knowledge of both popular music, such as Salsa, Timba, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba, and Cuban folklore (e.g., Bembé or Conga Oriental) make him one of the leading percussionists in Eastern Cuba.