Portrait Mike Agbevenou

Mike has been teaching Salsa cubana, Rumba cubana and various Man Styling courses at CIRCULO dance studios for many years. As DJ, he has gained quite a reputation at the weekly dance parties and any festival without him is hard to imagine. As part of this year’s festival, Mike will teach Kizomba and Semba basics. With his Togolese roots, he has already been dancing Kizomba before we have even heard of it. Mike is famous for his entertaining and fun workshop session and he will inspire you with his traditional yet playful way of interpreting Kizomba!

  • Kizomba
    Sonntag 12:00 - 01:00
  • Kizomba basics
    Samstag 04:15 – 05:15
  • Kizomba high life
    Sonntag 01:15 – 02:15
  • Semba basics
    Samstag 01:15 – 02:15