Salsa figuras / Nudos en las Salsa

Here you will learn several Salsa combinations called „knots“ since the figures are often entangled with each other in very tricky ways. The loosening of these „knots“ often leads to astonishment on the side of the viewer. Nudos en la Salsa – just cool!

Salsa con rumba -Rumba an la Salsa!

Salsa enriched with Rumba elements – this is Salsa a la cubana! In pairs, you will learn how to incorporate Rumba elements in your Salsa figures and how to seduce your partner with the famousRumba steps. Very sensual and fun!

Salsa con pasitos / Pasitos en la salsa

A stunning synthesis of all Salsa cubana moves: from Afro to Rumba & Son to Cubatón, Reggaetón and Hip Hop! Participation only possible with a dance partner!

Rueda de Casino

Rueda de Casino – is a Salsa round dance! An „announcer“ called „Cantante“ calls out funny combinations and changes of partner which must be followed by all couples synchronically.White Level: for all with basic experience in Rueda de Casino. You will be introduced to dancing the fascinating Rueda with simple commandos and combinations. Prerequisite for this class: intermediate Salsa cubana level! Blue Level: New and funny commands. Prerequisite: intermediate Rueda experience Red Level: Longer and complicated combinations are practiced. The goal is for the Rueda dancers to create certain images dancing synchronically as a group to impress the audience!

Son cubano / Son traditional

Son Cubano – most Cuban of all Cuban dances! Here, you will learn how to dance „contratiempo“! Lessons in Son Cubano build up on each other. Levels will start with basic steps and combinations and will continue with more and more complicated footwork, combinations and „tornillos“.

Man Styling

Show the ladies what you have to offer. With cool steps and breaks you will be able to surprise your female partners! Cool moves and Cuban tricks – no pare, sigue, sigue – do not hesitate, just join in!

Lady Styling

Salsa con Pasion! A workshop session for every woman who wants to give her Salsa an individual spark. Sexy moves of hips, shoulders and upper body are the main purpose of this course!

Salsa suelta

Open Salsa cubana steps, moves and gestures danced alone or in an open group! There is no limit for theresourcefulness of open salsa steps! You will learn some typical Salsa suelta moves performed by famous Cuban bands on stage as well as individually improvised new combinations!

Cubaton/ Reggaeton

Cool and sexy moves to the beat of Cuba‘s most popular music – this is Reggaetón! Downright hot! Characteristic Reggaetón moves will be practised first, before moving to a fun and exciting choreography. From beginner level to professionals – everyone is welcome, and no partner is needed!

Afro - Cuban Dance (ACD)

Here you will learn the characteristic moves of Afro Orishas – the sacred Yoruba dances. Each orisha has their individual dance steps, which were originally performed in a ritual setting. This year we will focus on:
Oggún – warrios, god of metalwork
Changó – god of thunder and lightning
Do not miss this event – this is something extraordinary you can otherwise only learn at the Escuela Nacional del Arte (ENA) in Havana, Cuba. For men and women. No partner necessary since this is danced in an open position.

Rumba cubana: Columbia

Columbia – what a dance. Step variations, movements of the whole body in harmony with percussion! The ideal complement to the Rumba cubana! For men and women! No partner necessary!

Afro to salsa / Movimientos afro cubanos

In this course you will be shown that the origin of many movements of salsa is rooted in African dances. Let me show you how! For men and women! No partner necessary!

Sexy heels

Beside Ladystyling the must do for the ladies! Absolute mastery and safety of the dance on sexy heels! Shoes with heels wanted!


Like Son, Mambo belongs to Cuba! This music, and later also the dance, originated in Cuba in the sixties and later mixed with elements of jazz in New York. The mambo is danced syncopated. The 2nd and 4th beat of a bar are emphasized in the music.

Cha cha cha

The Cha Cha Cha is a modern, pair-danced ballroom dance of Cuban origin, which has not much to do with the ballroom dance. The music is cheerful and carefree. The dance is an amusing and flirty flirtation between the dance partners, who play with each other in open and closed figures. The Cuban Cha Cha Cha lives from the hip movement and is danced small and “earthy”, that is, the steps are always set on the whole foot and feet hardly raised from the ground. A nice dynamic variation to salsa.

Timba musicality / Timba caliente

Timba is another variation or amplification of salsa. The result is this style of music in the early 90s. In contrast to the ‘normal’ salsa, real western drums (Batteria) are also used in the Timba, to reinforce the pressure of the rhythm section. This makes the hard rhythms of Timba even more effective, which makes the salsa dance even more dynamic.

Cuban partnerwork / social partnerwork

Partnerwork is the basis of the salsa dance, as it is essentially a couple dance. It consists of spontaneously dancing with your partner while holding your hands. There is no set order of patterns , and that’s why salsa can literally be danced together with everyone around the world.

To achieve this, the partner work is based on certain leadership techniques (for the gentlemen) and techniques of following (for the ladies). The first thing to learn when you want to dance salsa is the common language between leading and following to dance in unison. If the technique of leading or following is gradually mastered, you can supplement your salsa with turns, dips and tricks or combinations of the above variations.