Questions quickly


You have several options to purchase tickets for the festival.

1. The easiest way is online.

2. With us at the CIRCULO! The address and opening hours can be found here

3. At the evening bank. Only available for as long as available. You can find a route description here

No, it is not necessary at all, as with the booking. One weekend all spa treatments are included. You can book the entire weekend (full pass) or the single day (daypass Saturday or daypass Sunday).

With the help of the lessons you can compile the lessons yourself. You can experience any health unit that is interesting and fun to you!

For the most offered workshops you need a dance partner. For some of them you will not need a dance partner.

Within the workshop description you will find the information you need.

PW = Partnerwork

M+F = for men and women, no partner required

M = for men

F = for women

Unfortunately, we can not organize a dance partner. For the search for dance partners we have opened a separate site where you can post announcements and find possible dance partners.!

Please do not hesitate to post your announcements! You will surely find a suitable partner! To the site…

low level = suitable for all who have little or no knowledge in the subject.

medium level = suitable for all who already have previous knowledge in the respective subject.

high level = suitable for practiced dancers

All people who love to dance!